Creating a new work culture post COVID

As businesses reopen post-COVID there are recommendations the CDC has in order to maintain a culture and implement procedures to create a safe environment. This would be a culture where employees feel safe and are able to speak up if they do not. 

First, businesses should implement a shift rotation schedule so there are fewer employees in the building at a time. Not having all the employees working at the same time may bring challenges to the company - employees who are working from home may be out of the loop. A recommendation is to create a hybrid/work from a home culture that must continue to be maintained. In-person meetings should be limited, most communication and decision making should still be virtually even if some teammates may be at the office.

Most important is there should now be a culture where employees are allowed to work from home with no limitations. Employees should not feel forced to come to the office when feeling even slightly ill. This will help protect the most vulnerable employees, in addition, it will comfort and make all people feel safe while being at work.

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