Reopening the workplace

It is exciting that businesses and other places are slowly starting to open. The question now is, is it safe to go back to pre-COVID times? What precautions should be taken when we reopen?

First, it is highly recommended that your employees get tested before returning to work. This will ensure your employees are healthy and that the work environment is safe. You can easily place an order for saliva test kits for your business through Medicine Mobility. The order can be delivered to your business to be distributed to your employees or the tests can be conveniently sent to your employees’ homes. When they have completed the test it will be sent to a CLIA certified lab with a valid EUA certification. At the lab, it will be put through a PCR machine, and the patients will receive the results within 3-5 days via a patient communication platform. 

Now that your employees have been tested with supplies from Medicine Mobility, there are still precautions the CDC recommends you to establish in your workplace. First, hand sanitizer stations should be everywhere, especially in high traffic areas - near door handles, and bathrooms that are touched by numerous people. The use of elevators should be limited and the capability of conference rooms, kitchens, and lobbies should be reduced by removing the furniture. Cabrillo Club can come and personally ensure that your business meets these guidelines.

It is very important - despite using Medicine Mobility to get your employees tested frequently - that they should continue to wear masks as a precaution to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Cabrillo Club also has branded facemasks for your employees and customers to represent your brand. We highly recommend you purchase facemasks in bulk, so you do not have to turn away any customers who have forgotten their mask.

Learn how Cabrillo Club can help your business stay safe and be COVID Clear!

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